Genkai's Strength ("Remaining Power! Genkai's Life or Death Battle // Sareta Chikara! Genkai no Shitō" (残された力! 幻海の死闘) ) is the twenty-fourth episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on September 25, 1993 in Japan and May 9, 2003 in the United States.


The episode starts with Genkai fighting Shishiwakamaru. Meanwhile, between the spectators, Karasu and Toguro discuss their opinions on whether or not Genkai could defeat her opponent with her current level of power, since she had recently transferred most of her power to Yusuke. Then Shishi performs his Shrill Call of the Reaper move against Genkai, which drives the crowd crazy with it's terrible sound, but it didn’t affect Genkai. Right after this, Shishi attacks Genkai with his terrible move Chorus of a Thousand Skulls, summoning several huge ghostly skulls that kill several demons on the crowd by eating them, but they didn’t affect Genkai or other powerful spectators like Kurama, Hiei and Toguro, that destroyed them with a single hit. Meanwhile, Kuwabara, bringing a sleeping Yusuke, arrives to the stadium, along with Botan and the other girls, and they noticed that the demons were leaving the stadium scared of Shishiwakamaru's moves. And so, Shishi performs his Cage of Hell move and surrounds Genkai with it. During the fight, Genkai regains her younger form and attacks Shishi with her Spirit Reflection Blast, damaging and knocking her enemy down. After recovering from the stunning attack, Shishi does his Chorus of a Thousand Skulls again, but Genkai absorbs his move energy and uses it to knock him down. Genkai then explains to Shishiwakamaru she’s not a heroine and that she just can’t stand bad guys (because during the fight he said to her he can’t stand good guys like Genkai).

After Genkai won the battle, Kuwabara is selected to fight Onji and they get started to fight. Outside the stadium, the girls leave Keiko alone with Yusuke, who was still sleeping.


  • At the moment Kuwabara arrives to the Stadium, it can be heard the sound of a man screaming. This sound is also heard at the very start of the opening screen of the SNK’s arcade game The King of fighters ’94.


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