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A Day in Waiting ("Clash! The Best 8 are Decided // Gekitotsu! Best 8 Derō" (激突! ベスト8出そろう) ) is the eighth episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on June 5, 1993 in Japan and April 17, 2003 in the United States.


Having successfully won their first round, Team Urameshi has a day to rest while they wait to see who will be their next opponents.

Yusuke is lounging in the forest, when he's approached by a fighter named Rugby. He's been watching Yusuke, and wants to sample his Spirit Gun. For some reason, Yusuke doesn't want to show it to him, and dodges Rugby's rugby. Then, Rugby's superior, Topaz, arrives, and berates him for attacking the Spirit Detective, a job he wanted to do himself. Rugby refuses to stop, and Topaz eventually throws a tomahawk into his back. Topaz tells Yusuke he looks forward to killing him in a future round, and then departs. Kuwabara appears, and asks Yusuke why he didn't just shoot his Spirit Gun. Yusuke reveals that he can't, he's so worn out from the previous fights that he can't fire a single shot. Kuwabara gets really worried. Meanwhile, Hiei is on a beach alone, trying to practice. It's hard, considering his right arm is beyond useless. Using a sword with his left hand seems to be his best bet. In the arena, the Dr. Ichigaki Team is fighting another team of demons. They take care of them easily, paving their way to the next round. Kurama is watching the fights intensely. The Toguro Team is up next, however, only the younger Toguro brother is standing in the ring. His opponents are the Spirit Warriors Team, with Topaz as their captain. Toguro asks them if it's alright if he fights them by himself. They laugh, but he doesn't crack a smile. They wonder who will go first, but Toguro says he wants to fight them all at once. They attack him head on, and he easily destroys them, using only using 45% of his power, even the massive Topaz falls. Yusuke and Kuwabara go back to the hotel room to find out who they are fighting next. Since the number of teams seems to be uneven, they're one of the two teams that has to go through four rounds to reach the finals. Yusuke curses his luck, and the masked fighter appears and speaks up. Kuwabara is surprised, since he thought that the fighter was Genkai in disguise, but the female voice he heard was definitely not that of an old grandmother. Yusuke looks closer at the roster, and sees that their next opponent is the sinister Dr. Ichigaki Team.

Cast Edit

English Dubbed Japanese Dub Character
Justin Cook Yusuke Urameshi
Christopher Sabat Kuwabara
Bob Carter Rugby
Chuck Huber Hiei
Brice Armstrong Topaz
John Burgmeier Kurama
Bill Townsley Elder Toguro
Cynthia Cranz Botan
Sean Michael Teague Koenma
Kyle Hebert Karasu


Kent Williams Narrator

George Satome

Dameon Clarke Younger Toguro
Amber Cotton Koto
James Field Dr. Ichigaki
Ed Blaylock Spirit Warrior #1

Demon Fans #1

Chris Rager Demon Fans #2
Linda Young Genkai
Brandon White Spirit Warrior #2
Kimberly Grant Woman
Eric Vale Sakyo
Kasley Buckley Shizuru
Jeremy Inman Spirit Warrior #3

Demon Fans #3


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