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Flowers of Blood ("Kurama Makes Blood Flowers Blossom // Chi no Hana o Sakasu Kurama!" 血の花を咲かす蔵馬!) is the fourth episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on May 8, 1993 in Japan and April 11, 2003 in the United States.


Left hanging in the previous episode, Rinku drops Kuwabara to the ground, preparing to deal the finishing blow. In a last-ditch effort, Kuwabara fires his Spirit Sword from his hand, using it as a cushion to stop the fall. It changes his direction from downwards to towards Rinku, and he prepares to knock the kid out. Rinku, in retaliation, fires his Yo-Yos again, but Kuwabara has one more trick up his sleeve. He can maneuver his Spirit Sword as well, and twirls it around the strings and hits Rinku straight through the chest. His Yo-Yos strike home as well, and both fighters are sent out of the ring. The announcer says that the fighters can only stay out of the ring for ten seconds, and begins the count. Rinku comes up after five, and Yusuke , still presumably sleeping, shouts for Kuwabara to wake up. Kuwabara gets mad, and gets up and confronts Yusuke. Just then, Rinku stops from healing himself and causes his Yo-Yos to squeeze Kuwabara, preventing him from jumping back in the ring. The announcer finishes the count, and Rinku is awarded the first win. After a moment, the second match begins: Roto vs. Kurama. Hiei encourages Kurama to go for the kill because they need the victory, and Kurama replies with a very cold "Naturally." Kurama goes on the offensive, but as Kurama is about to deal a finishing blow, Roto quickly reveals his trick: He has a demon brother that's been tracking Kurama's human mother for some time. He has a device that, when activated, will tell his brother to kill Kurama's mother. He warns him not to move. Kurama flicks a pebble at him, and Roto laughs and starts to beat him up. It seems as if Kurama isn't willing to put his mother's life on the line, and continues to take the abuse from Roto. After a while, Roto grows bored of the torment, and raises his foot and tells Kurama to lick the slime off. Kurama declines, and Roto threatens to press the button. Surprisingly, Kurama tells him to go ahead and press it. Roto raises his arm, when suddenly, he finds himself unable to move. Kurama reveals a small puncture in his chest. He threw a "Death Seed" in Roto, after he used the pebble to divert his attention away. It takes a few minutes, but after a while it will bloom and thorned vines will sprout from the opponent. Kurama takes the device, and Roto pleads with him to stop, and asks if Kurama has any mercy. Kurama replies: "No." The Death Seed sprouts, and Kurama is given the win.


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