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First Fight ("The Little Mighty Foe! Rinku's Secret Technique // Chiisana Kyōteki! Rinku no Higi" 小さな強敵! 鈴駒の秘技) is the third episode of season 2 of YuYu Hakusho. It aired on May 1, 1993 in Japan and April 10, 2003 in the United States.


Botan, Keiko, and Shizuru, Kuwabara's sister, arrive at the tournament site to watch Team Urameshi duke it out with their first opponents, Team Rokuyukai. Koenma is there as well, and reveals an adult form, to impress everybody since he's tired of being called a toddler. Everyone takes their seats, and the kid with the colorful outfit, whom Team Urameshi met last night, Rinku, steps up to take the first match. Since Yusuke still seems to be asleep, Kuwabara takes the first match. The match begins, and Rinku demonstrates his incredible speed by running in flashes around Kuwabara. Kuwabara's training seems to have payed off, however, when he can easily detect Rinku's movements. He deals him a few crushing blows, and it looks like Rinku is down. He grins, though, standing back up and telling Kuwabara he was just playing around to begin. He reveals his true weapon, eight Yo-Yos, four for each hand. He launches them forward to Kuwabara. Kuwabara reveals his newly-improved weapon, double Spirit Swords. They can't stop the Yo-Yos, however, when the strings bend and twist to manuever around his Spirit Swords and slam into him, fueled with spirit energy. Kuwabara is knocked back, but quickly gets back up. Rinku launches them again, and Kuwabara's defenses prove no match for the child's incredible toys. Kuwabara starts to get mad, and Rinku launches a ground attack towards him. He starts unearthing the tiles of the ring to block the attack, but they just slam through and hit him again. He's taking a horrible beating, and Rinku decides to try something else. He throws out his Yo-Yos, but this time, wraps them around Kuwabara's limbs. He goes into his "Around the World" move, launching Kuwabara into the air only to bring him down face-first onto the ring. After some of that, he takes Kuwabara up into the air. With a drop from that height, Kuwabara's likely to die.


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