Elemental Manipulation, is a sophisticated technique of combat used by several wrestlers,
which is based on the use of energy to create as well as manipulate elements and uses them to his advantage.


For thousands of years, youkai, humans and other species, has been using a sophisticated technique of manipulating energy, which allows them to use their power to control the elements of nature, and attraction instead of them make thousands of techniques derived from these elements.


The main concept of the technique is to use its own power to connect to specific element, and it relies on its way. Besides creating the user can also produce it from its energy, however in this case, each element type, properties and meets specific forms to be created and manipulated. The user can use the composite element, and uses it to his advantage, the redirecting to hit a target, as well as the handling, to perform powerful techniques, the most varied as defense, attack, refinement, endurance, and so on.Despite having almost the same concept for all handlers, it was shown that an element can be controlled somehow unconventional, also note that not all handlers elements can produce it from its own energy.


  • Fire Manipulation: Fire is an element conducive to direct attack, and can be launched over long distances and used to burn large areas and generate explosions.
  • Water Manipulation: Water is an element that does not have much effect on direct attack, however is excellent when used for defense, capture, and disrupt the opponent. It can also be used to create a territory battle and drown enemies.
  • Earth Manipulation: The earth element is a balanced, being excellent for defense and can be used to create protections, and increase the effect of physical attacks. It is also good to use the terrain against the enemy.
  • Wind Manipulation: The wind element, is very well balanced, can be used both to attack and to defend, designing high winds and tornadoes, it can also be used to boost the user, and even fly, thus giving great advantage as well as increasing physical damage.
  • Ice Manipulation: The element ice is not very effective in direct attacks, however it is excellent to immobilize the enemy, can also be used to create weapons and territories.
  • Lightning Manipulation: The element lightning is great for quick attacks and detention.
  • Black Flames Manipulation:It is considered the strongest elements of the manipulations. This actually a demonic version of the common fire, put in more powerful version of the original Makai is able to consume the target, and burn it completely.

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