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Official eikichi
Hiei JaganshiAdded by Hiei Jaganshi
Eikitchi (えいきっち Eikitchi, translates to Eternal Good Fortune) is Kuwabara's kitten. Kuwabara has a major weakness for kittens and he loves Eikitchi dearly.

When Kuwabara found out that Eikitchi was kidnapped, he put it all on the line to save his beloved kitten.

Eikitchi's eye was threatened to be put out by enemy delinquents using a cigarette in the manga, and a broken bottle in the anime, but Yusuke was able to save her.

She makes a name only cameo in the final season, in which Kuwabara hears meowing and calls out to his beloved cat, though it turns out to be Botan. Kuwabara blushes and claims he was looking for his contact lenses (which he doesn't wear).


  • She is  briefly mentioned in the English anime, when Kuwabara sees the true form of Youko. He coments how guillible he was to let Kurama get near his cat.
  • Eikitchi's cat breed is a Japanese Bobtail.

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