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Demon yusue

Demon Yusuke

There are several species of demons that inhabit the planes or worlds of Yu Yu Hakusho.

The following demons have their specific race explicitly stated in the anime/manga:

Fox Demon-Kurama

Fire Demon-Hiei,Zeru

Bat Demon-Baldok

Acid Demon-Midorenjya

Soul-Sucking Oni-Gouki

Illusion Demon-Ura Urashima

Shadow Demon-Itsuki

Ice Maiden-Yukina,Hina

Tribesman of Evil-Raizen,Mukuro, Yomi

Oni-Jorge Saotome

Human descended from Mazoku:Yusuke

Netherworld Deity-Yakumo,Raigo,Majari Miyuki, Inmaki, Gokumonki

Spirit Beast-Pu

Genkai's Demons-Baldok


Stone/Turtle Demon-Genbu

Dragon/Ice Demon-Seiryu

Tiger Demon-Byakko

Lightning/Phoenix Demon-Suzaku

Kamaitachi/Weasel Demon-Roto:

Wind Demon/Oni-Jin

Ice Demon-Toya

Mist Demon-Bakken

Binding-Curse/Blood Demon-Gama

Earth Demon-Risho

Fox/Cat Demon-Koto:

Leviathan Demon-Juri

Monkey Demon-Kotei

Mimic/Spider Demon-Rando

Anteater Demon-Hirue

Bat/Raven (Chimera) Demon-Kuronue



Spider Demon-Jorogumo

Living Dimension Demon-Uraotoko

Moth Demon-Yomi's Assassin:


Hiei: Fire Demon (Hi Yokai) or Half-Fire Demon/Half-Ice Maiden

Some sources claim he is a fire demon born from a clan of ice demons or koorime, while others claim he is half-fire demon/half-ice demon. It is assumed that Hiei's father was a fire demon because of Hiei's fire abilities, but no official material ever stated his father was a fire demon and the genetics of demons may work differently than humans. The Funimation dub considers him the former. The official site calls him a "Fire Apparition". In the anime, Mukuro states that she "finds it strangely ironic that (he was) born a fire demon. even though his mother's people are all ice apparitions", and he claims "my be born with a nature in direct opposition to my breed." (In the original Japanese, she states that it is strange that his demon energy is of a flame-based nature, rather than discussing his species). Other sources and common speculation portray him as both a fire and ice demon, 50% each, with fire reigning dominant as Hiei's element of control and the ice aspect only serving him as a resistance to cold.[1]

Karasu: Quest Class?

Though he is classified as a Quest Class demon which has materialization abilities, it is unknown if this is the name of a species or is just a description of his abilities.




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