Daisuke Motomoto (元本大助, Motomoto Daisuke) is a gang leader from the school Kasanegafuchi Junior High.


He hates waiting for people and likes getting preachy.


He beats up Kuwabara's friends who were trying to defend Keiko's friends from his schoolmates. Keiko pleads him to stop, but he ignores her. In anger, Keiko runs forward and hits him hard on the back of the head with her schoolbag. After getting struck by Keiko he kidnaps her, threatening to take her friends instead if she doesn't cooperate, because he likes tough girls.

He and his friends take Keiko to Cafe Half Dead and he claims she's his new girlfriend. Keiko slaps his hand away when he tries to put his arm around her, wanting nothing to do with him. He roughly grabs her shirt collar and demands her to be his girlfriend. Later, he knocks her out for hitting him again and a disguised Yusuke beats him up in retribution. Seeing how quickly their boss was defeated convinced the thugs that Yusuke returned from the dead and they fled.


  • He is a manga-only character.
  • He likes Kudou Youki
  • He is nicknamed Dai-chan.

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