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The following is a list of characters from the Manga and Anime series YuYu Hakusho.

The names are listed in Western order, with the family name after the given name.

Main CharactersEdit

Yusuke Kuwabara Kurama Hiei
Yusuke Urameshi Kazuma Kuwabara Kurama Hiei

Secondary CharactersEdit

Keiko Yukimura Infobox Botan Koenma Genkai
Keiko Yukimura Botan Koenma Genkai
Yukina ThreeKings Saga Jorge Saotome PuPortrait
Yukina Jorge Saotome Puu



AtsukoPortrait ShizuruPortrait KidoPortrait KaitoPortrait YanaPortrait
Atsuko Urameshi Shizuru Kuwabara Asato Kido Yu Kaito Mitsunari Yanagisawa
MurotaPotrait SeamanPortrait KurokoPortrait
Shigeru Murota Kiyoshi "Seaman" Mitarai Kuroko Sanada

Allies Edit

Demons Edit

RinkuPortrait ChuPortrait ToyaPortrait JinPortrait
Rinku Chū Tōya Jin
ShishiPortrait SuzukiPortrait
Shishiwakamaru Suzuki


Special ChapterEdit


Spirit Detective SagaEdit

GokiPortrait RandoPortrait HalfBreedPortrait GonzoPortrait HiruePortrait
Gōki Randō Half Breed Demons Gonzo Tarukane Hirue

Four Saint Beasts
GenbuPortrait ByakkoPortrait SeiryuPortrait SuzakuPortrait
Genbu Byakko Seiryu Suzaku

Dark Tournament SagaEdit

Team Rokuyukai
RotoPortrait ZeruPortrait RinkuPortrait ChuPortrait
Roto Zeru Rinku Chu

Dr. Ichigaki Team
IchigakiPortrait YenPortrait RyoPortrait KaiPortrait M4Portrait
Dr. Ichigaki Yen Ryo Kai M4 & M5

Team Masho
GamaPortrait ToyaPortrait BakkenPortrait RishoPortrait JinPortrait
Gama Toya Bakken Risho Jin

Team Uraotogi
KuromomotaroPortrait UraurashimaPortrait MakintaroPortrait OnjiPortrait ShishiPortrait
Kuro Momotaro Ura Urashima Makintaro Onji Shishiwakamaru

Team Toguro
YoungerToguroPortrait ElderToguroPortrait KarasuPortrait BuiPortrait SakyoPortrait
Younger Toguro Elder Toguro Karasu Bui Sakyou

Chapter Black SagaEdit

Sensui SevenEdit

  • Itsuki(闇撫の樹), known as Gatekeeper

Three Kings SagaEdit

Raizen's TerritoryEdit

Mukuro's TerritoryEdit

Yomi's TerritoryEdit

Movie VillainsEdit

Meikai GodsEdit

Other CharactersEdit

Manga-Only charactersEdit

Anime-Only charactersEdit

Movie-Only charactersEdit

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