Hiei solidifying his place in the hearts of Yu Yu Hakusho fans worldwide.

The following are the results from the second official Yu Yu Hakusho manga character popularity poll, which was conducted in Japan prior to the Chapter Black Saga being published. A total of 53, 654 people voted and Yoshihiro Togashi included a two page tribute the importance and legitimacy of this poll in volume twelve of the manga.[1]

Final StandingsEdit

1st - Hiei (20,764 votes)

2nd - Kurama (13,514 votes)

3rd - Yusuke (10,048 votes)

4th - Kuwabara (3,060 votes)

5th - Koenma (1,172 votes)

6th - Botan (1, 063 votes)

7th - Genkai (841 votes)

8th - Karasu (698 votes)

9th - Pu (566 votes)

10th - Younger Toguro (447 votes)

Last - Elder Toguro (421 votes)


  1. Yu Yu Hakusho manga; Volume 12

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