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The Black Black Club assembled

The Black Black Club (ブラック・ブラック・クラブ, Burakku Burakku Kurabu) was a criminal syndicate comprised of a group of the wealthiest mob bosses who got together to do major high-stakes bets. In the manga and the Viz translation it's called the Black Book Club (ブラック・ブック・クラブ, Burakku Bukku Kurabu), the latter likely due to the "Engrish" nature of their original name.


The Black Black Club, from its early days, captured, enslaved and tortured demons. They would enjoy watching blood being spilled and observe demons dying horrible deaths. Also, they would purchase demons for money to do their bidding, such as when Tarukane had hired the Toguro brothers. They enjoyed hiring and watching demons fight in the Dark Tournament. Their sadistic indulgences are what caused then-Spirit Detective Shinobu Sensui to descend into insanity, and kill most of the members, other than seven absent ones, and Sakyo, who had just left. Despite their excessive cruelty, even they were disgusted by Sakyo's plan to open a Makai tunnel, and attempted to stop him, but were killed by Younger Toguro. However, not all members were present when they were killed (like Gondawara and the bald/bearded one).

Known Members:

Unnamed Members:

  • Tournament Committee Member (de facto leader in anime)
  • Bearded/bespectacled member
  • Elderly, bald member with mole (de facto leader in manga)
  • Bespectacled member (speaks with a stereotypical Asian accent)


  • It is stated in the english dub that this secretive society was founded by Gonzo Tarukane.


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