Leaders of the Apparition Gang

The Apparition Gang was the Younger Toguro and Elder Toguro's gang of demon mercenaries. The majority of their ranks were filled by not particularly powerful demon ruffians. In the Viz translation, they are called the Brokers of Darkness.


First featured during Yusuke's, Kuwabara's, Botan's (anime only), and, indirectly, Hiei's and Kurama's (anime only), attempts to infiltrate Tarukane's compound and rescue Hiei's sister, Yukina the Ice Maiden. Most of the Apparition Gang were exterminated by Yusuke and Kuwabara during their march through the forest, on their way to Tarukane's compound.

Notable MembersEdit

The Apparition Gang's elite unit was the Triad; whose membership consisted of Miyuki, a transvestite demoness with blue skin and one short uni-horn, Inmaki, a super-fast demon whose face was obscured by a hood connected to a cloak of invisibility who wielded a pair of iron claws, and Gokumonki, a giant, red-skinned, and super-strong ogre wearing only a grass skirt who wielded a giant, iron-spiked club. It is implied that both Karasu and Bui are high-ranked members of the Apparition Gang, though only make a public appearance during the Dark Tournaments.